Is there a special way that you need to handle four-wheel-drive vehicles?

Many drivers get nervous about towing a vehicle that has all-wheel drive. However, we have tow trucks that can lift all four wheels off the ground to ensure that the drivetrain does not sustain damage during the ride to the repair shop.

Can a vehicle with an automatic transmission be towed with the drive wheels on the ground?

Almost all vehicles have automatic transmissions nowadays, so tow truck companies know which models are safe to transport with the drive wheels on the ground. Many manufacturers report that this is fine over shorter distances; however, you can express them to your tow truck driver if you have concerns.

What happens if my vehicle has been lowered?

In almost all cases, lowered vehicles can be towed safely.

Is there a tow truck available that is big enough to tow my big rig?

We do not just tow small commercial vehicles. We are also able to tow large semi-trucks too. Anything from tractor-trailers to light-duty and heavy-duty truck recoveries to load shifts, we have the equipment needed to take care of any job safely and professionally.

Are you able to tow motorcycles? 

Yes, we can tow motorcycles. As stated earlier, we have the equipment to take care of any job.

Are you able to tow my vehicle from the parking garage?

With the tight turns and limited space in a parking garage, customers may be concerned about towing their vehicles out of a parking garage. However, tow trucks are available with a lower clearance that can efficiently take care of these jobs.

Do I have to physically be with the vehicle for it to get towed?

You do not necessarily need to be with the vehicle for it to get towed. As long as we have the keys and other information, you can let your tow truck driver bring it to the shop on their own.