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Learn a Bit about Jay’s Towing Service

At Jay’s Towing Service, we want to support the people of Edmonton and surrounding communities with professional and courteous service. Ever since our founder, Jay, first started business in 1971, we strove to support the industry from a corner Shell service station by offering most auto repair services, including tune-ups, oil changes, tires, brakes, and towing. Even back then, we were determined to do it all.

Eventually, as time went on and demand for skilled tow operators started to rise, our founder chose to focus more on towing. Using the cleanest and best equipped tow trucks in town, he helped people who were stranded and in need. And after a while, Jay developed a uniformed and trained team of tow operators and worked with them to help tow everyone in any weather on any day of the week.

Still remaining to help anyone in need after about 45 years, Jay’s Towing Service is under a new owner using new trucks and staff to keep true to the promise of the professional services that was started so many years ago. Even if we’ve gone from cars to Kenworths, we are still going strong.

Need Help Choosing a Towing Company?

When you are considering which towing company you should hire to transport all vehicles and equipment, you need to think about the following factors:


Make sure the towing company is fully insured.

GST number

See if the towing company has a GST registration. If the company doesn’t, then they likely are not legitimate and you’ll have to decide if they’re worth saving a few dollars for.

Towing experience

Research the towing company to see how much experience it has. There can be a massive difference in quality depending on the company’s years of experience.

Wait time

Ask the towing company about their service hours. You could end up with service within a couple of hours or days, and aside from the busy winter months, that can be important.

Business size

Look up the size of the towing company to determine if you’ll be dealing with the same person or a number of customer service representatives. This can help you decide on whether you want to support larger or smaller businesses.


Check the prices of the towing company. While cheap prices can be easy on your wallet, the quality can be harder on your vehicle.

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